Wine Tasting & Burlesque on La Nouvelle Seine, Paris

by Paige Donner

Côte du Rhône Wine Tasting in Paris on La Nouvelle Seine

The French wine region that is home to Châteauneuf du Pape really knows how to host a wine tasting in Paris. Chosen for this range of 22 wines was the charming and exceedingly festive La Nouvelle Seine.

La Nouvelle Seine is a very large boat/barge (“peniche” in French) parked just in front of the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. It’s large enough in fact to be able to host 80+ people on the top deck for a stellar wine tasting and then put on a burlesque show in its lower decks, replete with a dozen and more costume changes.

Inter Rhône, the regional wine board, is who organized the event and provided the wines for tasting.  The Rhône valley has many famous wine appellations of course, such as Chateauneuf du Pape, Hermitage and Vacqueyras but for this evening’s tasting we had the privilege of discovering many outstanding gems with the Côte du Rhône Villages label.

La nouvelle Seine photo by Paige Donner IMG_2419La nouvelle Seine wine tasting photo by Paige Donner  IMG_2420La nouvelle Seine wine tasting photo by Paige Donner IMG_2418

It’s a good thing the wines were so memorable given the spectacular distractions of the magnificent cathedral as backdrop and then the over the top and barrels of fun Burlesque show we were treated to.

Wines poured included:


Maison Chapouter – Roc Folassière, Côte du Rhône Blanc 2015

Domaine de la Presidente – Côte du Rhône Villages Cairanne 2014

Domaine Pique Basse  L’Atout Pique  Côte du Rhône Villages Roaix 2015


Domaine Les Grands Bois  Philippine  Côte du Rhône 2014

Domaine du Val des Rois  Signature Côte du Rhône Villages Valréas 2012

Domaine Clavel Cordélia  Côte du Rhône Chusclan  2014

Domaine Corinne Depeyre Les Phacélies Côte du Rhône 2012

Domaine Montirius Serine Côte du Rhône 2011

Maison Gabriel Meffre 1936  Côte du Rhône 2015

Domaine des Pasquiers Côte du Rhône Plan de Dieu 2014

Domaine de Cabasse Garnacho Côte du Rhône Séguret 2012

And the video that Inter Rhône made about the evening is here:



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Le Cabaret Burlesque des Côtes du Rhône