Best Wine Shops – Paris

La Cave du Château


prince robert of luxembourg -10-1

This wine shop is run by Prince Robert of Luxembourg and his talented staff as if it truly is the personal wine selection of the Prince’s Château (owner of the mythical Château Haut Brion and La Mission Haut Brion in Bordeaux, among others).

In other words, don’t be intimidated in the least to step foot inside and browse the many wonderful bottles in the cellars below. They are not selected based on price but on taste and quality. Hence you are guaranteed to find wine here that both suits your taste and your budget. Guaranteed. Selected by USA Today/ 10BEST as THE BEST wine shop in Paris.


31 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Paris 75008  Open 10:30 – 21h

01 82 82 33 33


Rouge Ou Blanc


Wine shop by Enrico Bernardo, the best sommelier 2004. (Also the youngest ever Best Sommelier).

enricobernardo09-857x400This wine shop is located just a stone’s throw from Odéon and as the name implies is focused primarily on red and white wines.  You can be sure to get top selections here, mostly from France but also from Enrico’s native Italy and other select parts of the world.

3 rue Saint-Sulpice  Paris 75006  Open 11 – 21h

01 53 10 01 00

Les Vignerons Parisiens


les vignerons parisens mattheiu bosser large

This is not your every day wine shop. Here, they actually make the wine. Right on site. If you’ve ever visited a wine estate’s vinification tank room, then the smells of fermenting wine that waft through the walls here will be familiar. 

You can stop by, with an appointment, and taste their wines on site. You can also purchase their wines, made right here on premise, in their front room, accessible on street level. This is a fun experience and if you don’t have time to go wine tasting in the Rhone, Bordeaux, Loire or Burgundy on this trip, this is the next best thing. 

55 rue de Turbigo  Paris 75003  Open 11 – 20h

01 44 93 72 97


Divvino Marais

Divvino Marais paris 75003

It not just due to its proximity to the Picasso Museum that makes this such an attractive wine shop, although that is an attractive feature. But more attractive, from a wine lover’s perspective, is their hand-picked selections from all over France and some select European regions. 

There is also a tasting room in their cellars that make for wonderful times, though necessary to make an appointment and also be ready to take a few bottles of those special wines with you. 

16 rue Elzevier Paris 75004  Open 12:30 – 22h

09 83 74 25 04

Website:  Divvino Marais

Julien de Savignac

Their speciality are the wines from Bergerac, France’s famous Périgord region in the Southwest, known for its foie gras, truffles and… softly sung dry whites, bold reds and honeyed sweet wines such as Monbazillac.

Some fine SWest wines you’ll find here, along with a stocked selection from France’s other wine regions: 



Château Tiregand

L’un des plus beaux châteaux de Pécharmant.  Founded in the XIIème c. and renovated in the  XVIIème. It belons to the famille de Saint-Exupéry.

Clos L’Envège, Monbazillac


Long considered one of the best expressions of the sweet wines of Monbazillac apellation, Clos l’Envège, un Grand Monbazillac.


73 rue Saint Antoine
75004 Paris

Phone: 01 44 54 04 40



Specialized in Burgundy and Cote du Rhone (primarily) wines from France, this singular wine shop on the central and now very trendy rue des Archives offers fabulous selections. 

cave-bossetti-marcelYou are also likely to luck into a wine tasting on pretty much any Saturday of the week. And not just any wine tasting but some of the best producers from France, particularly, yep, you guessed it, Bourgogne and Cote du Rhone.  This wine shop is owned individually and is not part of a big group or chain. That makes it even more of a standout in the Paris market these days. 

34 Rue des Archives  Paris 75004  Open 10 – 19:30

01 48 04 07 77

Website:  Caves Bossetti


This partial list of Paris Best Wine Shops was curated by Paige Donner.  

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