Second Degree Dinners Paris

What’s a Second Degree Dinner? 


Millions of people come to Paris every year looking for a meaningful experience, an authentic encounter with the ‘locals.’

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Likewise, hundreds of thousands of people, young professionals, academics, diplomats, artists, journalists, authors, NGO staffers, people of the culinary arts etc. call Paris their home, at least part of the year.

Many people, however, can’t  – or don’t – seem able to break free from their close-knit circles to establish a wider array of friendships from different walks of life.

Paris is rich in its diversity of people! 

That is why Paris Food And Wine has initiated Second Degree Dinners for our City of Light.

City of Light and City of Friendship


What is a Second Degree Dinner? 

The seating goes like this (see diagram below).


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We choose a co-host (sign up here to be a co-host just put Second Degree Dinner in subject line). Then You (co-host) and I each invite one person. That person then invites one more person.

The guidelines:  The people we each invite cannot know one another. The people they each invite cannot know each other.  This way, there are fresh acquaintances made at each dinner, and our circle of friends is widened. No couples.


How Do I find interesting new people? Come to A Paris Food And Wine Hosted  Second Degree Dinner

More Guidelines:

Once the dinner starts, everyone goes around and says:

  • Who they are
  • Where they’re from
  • What they’re working on
  • Something they’re excited about. It could be a new book, app, relationship, anything that has them jazzed up.


The intros usually happen during ordering / getting drinks. It’s a good way to break the ice, make sure that everyone knows each others’ names, and give a bit of a background for the next portion.

This way we and our Co-host meet three new people each. And the 2nd Degree invitees, get to meet 4 new people each.

Locations around Paris vary. But we’re always at a cool venue where we can actually have conversations and get to know one another.


Sign UP here  (prices vary depending on restaurant/wines served)



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